NK Pardy is a casual author who sometimes writes.

He was born and raised in the Australian city of Sydney’s south western suburb of Bankstown. This is where he experienced a secluded childhood till his eventful teenage years where he reckoned with a stomping ground that covered from the city’s western suburbs to the sea bashed beaches of Cronulla.

A lifetime of occasional writing gained traction at age ten when his breakout story The Hollow Tree received critical acclaim from his parents and grade five teacher. His first published work came as a poem that appeared in one of his high school’s annual year books. This has been fortunately lost to time.

As an adult he became a qualified communications technician that specialised in security systems. This a role he relished for the better part of nearly two decades, during which time he operated his own business for nine years.

From early 2006 to late 2018 he lived in a small rural town in New South Wales.

Since succumbing to illness in 2015 he spends his time quietly within the shadow of the nations capital attending to family, health, and writing.

He has completed several courses with the Australian Writers Centre. These include Creative Writing, Novel Writing, Short Story Essentials, and many others.