I dread day. That is when night haunts me.

Déjà vu, a flash of recognition; was that a recent vivid dream, or perhaps from a week or more before?

Darkened broken moments of sleep.
A toss & turn of all that was, and what soon could be…

Daylight relieves crushing dark.
Still shadows follow, glimpses revealed through lit hours.

Dusk comes too soon.

I dread night. That is when day haunts me.


A poem in reply.
By Agnes Török



I refuse to bring the night into the day
whatever terrors haunt me there
I shake them off in the morning
leave them in the shower drain

I will not let the past define me
flashbacks undo me
I am already so much further
than a week or more ago

stepping out into
sunshine / rain / snow
does not matter
it is stepping out that does
not what could be
but what is
what will be
what I am now

choosing to live my life to the full
is resistance
is overcoming
is already having won the war

I linger in the last daylight hours
soak them up through skin

and tonight
when the terrors come
when the memories return
I will fight them
with sunshine

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